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Prozomix Technology Snapshot

Biocatalysis Enzyme PanelsWe have been busy: at Prozomix we are now in our 10th year of developing and applying advanced proprietary GRASP™ high-throughput genome-mining technology specifically towards the development of novel maximum diversity panels of biocatalysis enzymes.  Over that time, during which related technologies in the field have blossomed, through targeted in-house R&D we have taken many independent strides, that have kept us at the forefront of the field, as reflected by our leading biocatalyst offering.  We have a reputation for helping our customers rapidly find hits against most challenging processes, especially in our focus areas of APIs, flavours/fragrances, food and health.  Today, given the shear number of carefully selected biocatalysis enzymes we supply, many such processes witness commercial use through direct scale-up and application of the native enzymes themselves.  This observation breaks the dogma that all biocatalysts require evolution before they can be used at scale!  To achieve an ever greater chance of identifying such process-ready catalysts off-the-shelf, our panels are designed to be as large and diverse as possible, necessitating design / development of our own bespoke in silico, in vitro and in vivo tools, and expanded, unlike for some other suppliers, on perpetual / iterative basis.  In order to enable our customers to screen such large panels quickly and inexpensively, novel high-throughput colorimetric assay formats, such as kREDy-to-go, were developed, and are the current weapon of choice, employed by all customers.  Today the customer, especially in Bigpharma, demands high-quality Animal-free / BSE-TSE Certified biocatalysis enzymes with incredibly demanding lead-times.  In order to address this most key aspect of establishing a new commercial biocatalytic process, i.e. with respect to the challenge from existing / proven synthetic chemistry routes, Prozomix has constantly strived to reduce lead times for ever increasing quantities of bulk biocatalyst.  For example, via our new custom-designed Manufacturing Site, we can produce and ship any of our biocatalysts at the 1 kg (CFE powder) scale in 1 week, and via our flexible 750 L pilot lab, 10 kg within 2 weeks, even if those enzymes have never been scaled previously.  Our reputation in the area of production of quality biocatalysts for Bigpharma also involves us producing enzymes discovered elsewhere at Prozomix as a growing and significant area of our business.  Our business model is also incredibly transparent and straightforward, our novel biocatalysts collectively form our Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit, that we provide free-of-charge to our customers.  As hits are identified, those enzymes are purchased against our published List Prices, which are the same in all countries and for all customers.  Should a customer wish to produce an enzyme themselves, then this is always possible, for which they will pay Prozomix 20 % of the List Price for the amount they produce - it is just as simple as that!!!

Current Advanced R&D: Prozomix has always been intensively research active, and has been rewarded by support via numerous (25 since 2008) EU (FP7, H2020) and domestic (Innovate UK, BBSRC, EPSRC) research grants.  Also, and at our heart, is non-grant funded fundamental / applied collaboration with numerous academic and industrial partners around the world.  Current major in-house research themes include:

(1) Expansion of the Prozomix Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit, to maintain our lead in presenting the most relevant classes of maximum diversity biocatalysts, in the most effective form for our customers.

(2) Development of effective P450s for biocatalysis, to satisfy very significant unmet demand for catalysts capable of specific organic molecule oxidations under mild conditions.

(3) Development of meta-GRASP (metagenomics-based) biocatalysis enzyme panels to afford increased biocatalyst diversity across all existing and future screening panels.

(4) Development of proprietary continuous-flow fermentation technology for the production of bulk recombinant proteins from bacterial expression hosts.

Applying for Collaborative Research Grants:   Prozomix will engage with other entities with respect  to applying for grants to support enzyme discovery research towards novel commercial application development.  Such research collaborations work best where the other party is an end-user but does not have the in-house capability to discover, develop and / or produce an enzyme(s) of interest.  Please direct any such queries to the Managing Director, Prof. Simon Charnock (simon.charnock@prozomix.com).  For example, current sources of appropriate funding include calls from Innovate UK, the NIBBs, BBSRC and EPSRC, if you are located in the UK.

Contract Manufacture: should you already have a biocatalyst of interest (or any recombinant protein in general of interest), a comprehensive range of enzyme development and contract manufacturing solutions are available from Prozomix, catering all the way to multi-ton scale (in-house to 100 kg annual requirement scale).

For further information click on a link below or contact sales@prozomix.com:

"Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit Concept"

"GRASP" HT-genome mining technology

"meta-GRASP" HT-metagenome mining technology

Biocatalysis enzyme panels

"kREDy-to-go" KRED screening technology



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Over the last 3 years we have been very busy developing and applying beyond state-of-the-art in silico / in vitro tools to develop the largest / most diverse range of Biocatalysis Enzymes available on the market.  Furthermore, we have validated the new Maximum Diversity panels for commercial utility within the largest Bigpharma companies, within highly prestigious EU FP7 and H2020 enzyme discovery project consortia, and from kind support from leading academics in the field.  This validation process is now complete, and with numerous enzymes already enjoying large-scale commercial use, we are now very excited to present these leading-edge biocatalysts to the larger biotransformation community.

For further information contact sales@prozomix.com

Why Prozomix?

Prozomix offers rapid, flexible, and cost-effective off-the-shelf advanced enzyme solutions for today's fundamental and applied customer.  Our products and services result from innovative in-house R&D activities, driven by GRASP™ proprietary technology.  Our focus is the development of emerging and future enzyme technologies, such as for Biocatalysis and the Biorefinery.  From a fundamental researcher looking for 1 mg of pure recombinant enzyme for a research experiment, to an industrial synthetic chemist requiring multi-ton quantities of enzyme for commercial API production, we either have the solution, or can rapidly develop one!

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