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Prozomix has developed the largest range of natural maximum diversity proprietary biocatalysts available via a free-to-use Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit

Focussing proprietary meta-GRASP mining technologies in the area of novel biocatalyst discovery for over a decade, Prozomix has developed the largest and most widely screened free-to-access Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit on the global market. The large panels of first generation (“Gen1”) enzymes that comprise this very popular discovery solution have been developed to offer maximum diversity from proprietary primary sequence space, and are continually expanded from ever emerging metagenomics data. Hits are purchased to any scale at known commoditised prices, another unique concept greatly appreciated by our customers, who number 17 out of the largest 20 bigpharma players in the world. As Prozomix has historically both discovered and produced all of its biocatalysis enzymes, lead-times are short and reliable, and many additional biocatalyst optimisation services can be seamlessly implemented.  Our products and services have FTO with respect to the Nagoya Protocol, given we only mine our own data, derived from environmental samples we have collected ourselves from compliant territories!


Always striving to be at the forefront of novel enzyme technology, today is absolutely no exception, where our customers can now leverage their own historical and / or new Prozomix Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit screening data, in collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks, to unlock unrivalled second generation (“Gen2”) and next generation (“Nextgen”) AI solutions for any demanding application of interest!

Exploring natural diversity for novel enzymes


Our Metagenomic Journey

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Prozomix is a world leader in discovery and provision of maximum diversity biocatalysts for commercial screening, that are available via a free-to-use toolkit.

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We have over 6000 novel enzymes on-the-shelf for screening, and we aren’t finished…!

We have a reputation for helping our customers rapidly find hits against most challenging processes, especially in our focus areas of APIs, flavours/fragrances, food and health. Today, given the sheer number of carefully selected biocatalysis enzymes we supply, many such processes witness commercial use through direct scale-up and application of the native enzymes themselves. This observation breaks the dogma that all biocatalysts require evolution before they can be used at scale! Should a customer wish to produce a Prozomix enzyme themselves, then this is always possible, for which they will pay Prozomix 20 % of the List Price for the amount they produce.



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