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Academic Collaboration

Prozomix is proud of its respectful relationship with Academia.

Academic Collaboration at Prozomix

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We hope our track-record demonstrates to academics just how much we depend upon and respect them!

  • 23 individual PhD studentships directly sponsored by Prozomix in UK
  • 52 PhD studentships funded via ITN / DTN research grants with Prozomix as an applicant
  • 15 collaborative research grants awarded with academics in UK
  • 7 collaborative research grants awarded with academic consortia from around EU
  • 32 academic collaborations in total around the world
  • 28 high impact factor scientific publications with global academia


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Commercial Academic Partner?

Why become a Commercial Academic Partner?

Become a Commercial Academic Partner here!

1. You have spent much effort constructing enzyme expression plasmids but now that piece of research is concluded, they have no or only little use and may even get lost in the freezer! This way they will be maintained and serve a useful purpose for many years to come!

2. You wish to have easy access to your enzymes without having to make them again, or make them easily available to others, i.e. so collaborators can acquire samples of them after publication!

3. You want to demonstrate your research has commercial value or that you have successfully commercialised your research!