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Enzymes for Biocatalysis


Screen the largest and most diverse collection of wild-type enzymes in the world…

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Prozomix has focussed it’s proprietary GRASP™ genome- and metagenome-mining technology in the area of novel biocatalyst discovery towards biocatalysis and other emerging enzyme applications. The large panels of enzymes, that comprise the very popular and effective Prozomix Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit, are developed to guarantee maximum diversity from known primary sequence space, and are iteratively expanded by evenly sampling emerging sequence data. Subsequent to the identification of a “hit”, biocatalysts of interest can be purchased to any scale at known list prices. As Prozomix both discovers and produces all of its biocatalysis enzymes in-house, lead-times are short and reliable, and many additional biocatalyst optimisation services can be seamlessly implemented, and are free from IP restrictions.