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Technical Support

Working effectively with any biological reagent, especially enzymes, i.e. in the case of Biocatalysis applications, frequently requires technical input from a manufacturer, as only so much data can be made available on product specification sheets or via FAQs. Technical queries especially arise when a large range of enzymes and related products are available, covering many different application areas, as in the case of Prozomix!


Prozomix operates a busy enzyme R&D environment, and as our innovative products are developed and produced in-house, there will always be an experienced scientist available to rapidly respond to your technical queries within our laboratory working hours (Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 6 pm UK time).  Being researchers ourselves, we appreciate for a technical response to be effective, it must be as rapid and thorough as possible!

Technical Support

We offer the following comprehensive technical support service:


Technical queries by telephone to the UK (+ 44 (0)1434 400455) will be dealt with immediately.


Technical queries sent by email will be answered by a scientist responsible for that particular product(s) within 24 hours. Please direct emails to

Working Hours

Our standard working hours are 8:30 am – 6 pm. Outside Prozomix laboratory working hours (for instance over the weekend), technical queries should be submitted by email wherever possible, and will be answered ASAP. Messages left by telephone outside our laboratory working hours will also be answered the next working day, but due to nature of most technical queries, this method will not be as effective as email.