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Since 2017, Prozomix has been developing an ever-growing collection of novel imine reductases from its in-house proprietary metagenomics platform. Through extensive collaborations with academia over the past 7 years, the true potential of this enzyme class has been revealed! The Prozomix IRED collection currently sits at over 500 novel enzymes, and is currently being expanded to fill 2x 384 well screening plates (762 novel wild-type enzymes).

History of the IRED Kit

Publications involving Prozomix IREDs

Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Substituted Azepanes by Sequential Biocatalytic Reduction and Organolithium-Mediated Rearrangement – JACS – 2018
One-Pot Biocatalytic Cascade Reduction of Cyclic Enimines for the Preparation of Diastereomerically Enriched N-Heterocycles – JACS – 2019
Synthesis of protected 3-aminopiperidine and 3-aminoazepane derivatives using enzyme cascades – Chem. Commun. – 2020
Screening and characterization of a diverse panel of metagenomic imine reductases for biocatalytic reductive amination – Nature Chemistry – 2021
Rapid Screening of Diverse Biotransformations for Enzyme Evolution – JACS Au – 2021
Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant 2-Aminotetralin and 3-Aminochroman Derivatives via Enzymatic Reductive Amination – Angewandte – 2021
Asymmetric Synthesis of N-Substituted a-Amino Esters from a-Ketoesters via Imine Reductase-Catalyzed Reductive Amination – Angewandte – 2021
Multifunctional biocatalyst for conjugate reduction and reductive amination – Nature – 2022
Synthesis of Stereoenriched Piperidines via Chemo-Enzymatic Dearomatization of Activated Pyridines – JACS – 2022
Enzymatic N‑Allylation of Primary and Secondary Amines Using Renewable Cinnamic Acids Enabled by Bacterial Reductive Aminases – ACS Sus. Chem – 2022
Three-Component Stereoselective Enzymatic Synthesis of Amino-Diols and Amino-Polyols – JACS Au – 2022
Biocatalysis in Drug Design: Engineered Reductive Aminases (RedAms) Are Used to Access Chiral Building Blocks with Multiple Stereocenters – JACS – 2023
Engineered Biocatalysts for Enantioselective Reductive Aminations of Cyclic Secondary Amines – ChemCatChem – 2023




1. Prozomix develops first 384 panel of metagenomic enzymes – 2017


2. First publication involving the 384 plate of IREDs published in JACS – 2018

3. IREDy-to-go™ colorimetric screening method developed and published – 2018-2021

4. Plate 5 (PRO-IRED(385 to 480)) developed including novel viral IREDs – 2021


5. Prozomix cumulative scaled production of imine reductases reaches 0.25 tonnes enzyme powder – 2023

6. Metagenome mining underway to add hundreds more novel IREDs to the standing panel from UK biodiversity as part of the BlueTools EU Horizon Europe project.