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FTE-based Enzyme Production?

Have an exacting or unknown requirement with respect to your desired bulk material – don’t worry, we can offer that as standard!

…as at this stage and at kg+ scale we have worked with just about all trickier to work with biocatalysts!

But what about:

(1) Fermentation Development / Optimisation? – when our customers requested we become a CMO in 2016 for scaled quantities of our and their enzymes, their key concern was avoiding scale-up issues they historically experienced when moving from flask-scale to stirred-tank fermentation. Responding to this key concern, we spent time perfecting a fermentation medium, termed TB++, that we now use not only for flask-scale production, but also as the base growth medium for our 750 L Pilot Plant! That effort was well spent, because as predicted, fermentation development / optimisation work is simply now not required when scaling from 1 L to 500 L, SDS-PAGE analysis looks identical, and not a single background metabolite / enzyme difference has been reported for any scaled batch as compared to reference flask material. Indeed, today our regular customers simply order kgs quantities of any enzyme of interest without thinking twice about any potential scale-up concerns!


(2) Spray Drying / Freeze-drying Trials? – whilst spray drying is commonly requested and offered by CMOs, it can’t be employed for every enzyme, as some are sensitive to this process. Prozomix thus opted for drying all products via in-house large-scale freeze-drying. Freeze-drying enzyme materials as produced by Prozomix is a reliable and effective process, very commonly requiring no optimisation. If any optimisation is requested by the customer, or based on our experience, is recommended by Prozomix, trials will be performed and materials supplied for use-testing at no extra charge ahead of bulk freeze-drying of the final batch. Such a strategy is very easy to perform for instance at the start of a campaign, but can be performed at any bulk scale when of interest to the customer.


(3) Cofactor-loading? – we are very experienced making sure enzymes being scaled-up are produced in a final form that offers maximum activity in their process. Commonly, for examlpe, it is a good idea to titrate FMN or FAD into flavoproteins in DSP, to ensure optimal loading (FMN supplementation is always for free, whilst only FAD samples will be provided free, but bulk charged for, given the expense of this cofactor). However, even NAD+ / NADP+ supplementation can be required in certain cases, or formulating with substrates advantageous from a stability point of view, or simply to prevent apparent modification of active-site residues by oxidation etc. Such special treatments and additions will be discussed with the customer whenever potentially relevant.



Useful information:

  1. we prefer to offer enzyme production services for free.
  2. we will only suggest FTE-based enzyme production services to you when there is no other option.
  3. all costs will be included in the fee.
  4. Typical deliverables – numerous samples for analysis, followed by optimised final bulk material.
  5. FREE SHIPPING – globally, multi-site and for as many packages as it takes.







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