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EREDs – Ene-reductases

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Our ERED screening kit comprises 120 novel wild-type enzymes covering both FMN- and non-flavin EREDs. This panel is also under heavy development, with a target of 384 EREDs by Q4 2024!

History of the Prozomix ERED Kit

1. First set of EREDs cloned, expressed and offered commercially – 41 enzymes (2010)

2. Metagenomic expansion of ERED kit – 60 enzymes (2018)


3. Further development of metagenomic EREDs from both FMN- and non-FMN families – 96+ enzymes (2019-22)


Looking for a specific enzyme?

If you can not find a specific enzyme of interest, from our panels or from published work (or even your own work!). Please reach out to our team –

In most cases, if we are missing what you are looking for, we will develop the missing product at our cost under our standard toolkit terms, in as little as two weeks!